Migrating Woes

It’s one of the god’s great gifts that men get to carry their favorite toys with them everywhere.

Bringing my old blogposts over to this one is a pain in the ass. Going back and rereading them… it’s probably not worth it anyway. So, starting over here.

I’ll introduce myself. I have a degree in Creative Writing, which was pretty much a big waste of money. If you are considering it, I suggest you join a reputable writing group, take workshops, and read everything you can get your fucking hands on. It’s a whole lot cheaper and you’ll learn more.

Anyway, I walked out on my job with a dying company on August first, moved to the beach here in Massachusetts, and started writing for real. I’m currently working on the huge list of files in Scrivener that house the story ideas I’ve been stocking up on for years.

Book Covers-3

You can see the releases so far on my author page. I write dirty stories… but not as dirty as my friend Timon.

Damn. That boy’s fucked up. I’ve just invited him to join my little family. His books will only be available here and secondary sites, not Amazon. They have rules about incest and non-consensual sex – go fig. He’ll introduce himself soon.

Ricky is a slow writer who wants to write pulp – scifi and mystery. Long ass books take a long ass time… or so he says. My boot in his ass will shorten that time. But, he’s the best one with book covers, and we don’t have a lot of cash to spend. So, for now, he gets to live.


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