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I live in the suburbs. Five days a week, I put on a tie, kiss my husband goodbye, and get on a crowded commuter train that takes me into the city to a stuffy building that houses my stuffy office. It gets really old… not the husband stuff, he’s fucking awesome (you should try him), but all the rest.

I write stuff that turns me on – most of which, Amazon considers inappropriate. My past has left me with, well, specific tastes.

The first dicks I sucked were my cousins, starting when I was eight. It was a lot of fun and gave me a lifelong taste for cock, especially uncut cock. How they made it without getting mutilated is beyond me, and I’m pretty damned jealous.

The first time I took a dick, I was a sophomore in high school and it was one I hadn’t asked for. I was raped in the back seat of a car in a bad part of town.

The first time I consensually took a cock up my ass, I was eighteen and bent over a pool table in a crowded bar. And my sex life just got crazier from there.

I’m generally a top, but when certain chemicals are involved, I bend over and touch my toes. It’s led to some confusion in the past… and maybe present – I admit nothing on that front.

All that to say, even though I write about rape, I fully understand it’s consequences and this shit is only fiction, not an instruction manual. Because of my odd life, the things that get me up tend to be a little dark and a little non-con, sprinkled with a little incest.

Since Amazon won’t allow me to sell the stuff I write, Dyson said he’d sell it here and some other sites. I wasn’t really listening. In exchange, I told him he could take a few of the incest ones, put the word ‘step’ in front of ‘dad’ and ‘son’ and ‘cousin,’ add his name as coauthor, and throw it on Amazon. He said he’d take care of all the compiling and pictures and stuff, so all I’d have to do is write. Sounds good enough to me, so what the fuck.

I hope you like reading my stuff. Feel free to get in touch through one of the social media things below or go to the contact page of this website. Like my stuff, hate my stuff, let me know.

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