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Stepdad/ Stepson

Road Trip with Step-Dad by Dyson Porter and Timon Ruhl
Road Trip with Step-Dad by Dyson Porter and Timon Ruhl

Thinking he was safe from repercussions, Jonathan came out to his step-father right before he was dropped off for college. That would give his parents three months to adjust to it before he was home for Christmas. What could possibly go wrong?

When they hit a truck-stop for dinner, Jonathan sees a cock in the bathroom he just can’t resist. When his step-dad catches him, things go off the rails and his family life will never be the same.

Step Dad's Poker Night Orgy by Dyson Porter
Step Dad’s Poker Night Orgy by Dyson Porter

Chris is trying to be responsible and finish his college applications, but the noise from his stepfather’s poker game makes that difficult. When his stepdad yells for a few more beers, Chris is frustrated enough to mouth off. Not the smartest thing he’s ever done — but when his stepdad’s poker buddies get in on the action, it’s well worth it.

Blackmailing Step Dad by Dyson Porter - Who knew spending Spring Break at home could be this fun
Blackmailing Step Dad by Dyson Porter
 He had way too much school work to do, so he decided to go home for Spring Break. Plenty of time to work and score some browny points with his mother. But, when he gets there, she’s out of town… and some other woman is in his stepfather’s bed. He’s been hungry for the man’s dick for years; so, blackmail time.


My Best Friend's Secret by Dyson Porter
My Best Friend’s Secret by Dyson Porter

Hunter hadn’t seen his best friend in five years and they go out to celebrate. After a disastrous night at the club, they come home worked up. Instead of making a booty call, James has a better idea. Why go for take-out when his talented stepbrother is in the upstairs bedroom?


Camping with Dad by Timon Ruhl - You have to lose your virginity to someone
Camping with Dad by Timon Ruhl

Tyler’s dad has secrets. When he finds Tyler blowing another member of the football team, he decides he can’t leave Tyler alone while he goes on his annual camping trip, but it means that all the secrets are going to come out.

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