Stepdad’s Poker Night Orgy (A Gay Taboo Story)

Stepdad’s Poker Night Orgy (A Gay Taboo Story)

Dad's poker buddies get in on the punishment

When his stepdad's poker buddies decide he needs punishment, he's in for a long night. Gay taboo - Dad - gangbang

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Once I could breathe again, I realized the spanking had stopped. Dad’s hand rested between my cheeks again and one of his massive fingers was very close to my hole.

He sat that way for about a minute. Completely silent with me still draped over his lap.

Then he reached under me into the cum drenched area between his lap and my stomach. He stroked his spunk covered cock twice and then took his hand back out and rested it on my ass again.

His finger wasn’t close to my pucker that time. It was on it.

He spread the slick goo around my hole and slowly slid his finger inside. His cock bucked underneath me.

The pain was like nothing I’d felt before. My breathing sped up. He went in to the second knuckle and moved his finger back and forth.

Tears sprang to my eyes, and I tried to crawl away, to get away from the pain.

“Hold still,” he commanded. I did.

I tried to will the pain away, and it seemed to work. My ass adjusted, and I relaxed.

Then his finger, slick with my cum, moved. I tensed, expecting it to hurt again. But it didn’t. I started to understand why all the bottoms in the porns moaned and begged for more.

Genres: Erotica, Family, LBGT
Tags: Dad, Erotica, Taboo
Publisher: Hommi Publishing
Publication Year: 2017
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