Mardi Gras Exhibitionist: A Gay Erotic Adventure

Mardi Gras Exhibitionist: A Gay Erotic Adventure

Someone as kinky as he was? Who knew?

John arrived in New Orleans the morning before Mardi Gras and was relaxing before the thirty-six hour marathon of partying. Instead, he was mesmerized by Paulo and the day became a marathon of sex... culminating in a public display on a balcony over Bourbon Street.

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About the Book

The new guy glanced at the tub nearest the door he’d entered and reached for the towel around his waist. There was no way I could let that happen.

“Good morning,” I called across the sea of bubbling pits.

He glanced toward us and one side of his mouth crooked into a beautiful grin.

He walked the rest of the way across the room and stood towering over us. Up close he was even more beautiful. His tanned legs were slim but perfectly proportioned. I’d never considered myself much of a foot man, but even his hairless, dark feet made me salivate.

He whipped the towel from around his waist and casually threw it onto a nearby bench.

Mardi Gras Exhibitionist by Dyson Porter
Mardi Gras Exhibitionist by Dyson Porter
Genres: Erotica, LBGT
Tag: Erotica
Publisher: Hommi Publishing
Publication Year: 2017
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