Escape from the Red Planet

Escape from the Red Planet

Barin's life had become predictable... that's all about to change

It has been over 2,000 years since humanity was driven from their home-world. They've settled into an area of space they call the sphere, and the government is under the thumb of one company. The only way to not live under their control is to make a living on the black market or join the mysterious religious organization known as The Order.

Barin gave up his life as a raider for a noble reason: to save his own ass. Two years later, he has a cushy job, a powerful boyfriend, and... monotony.

When his old boss shows up and tries to force him back into a life of crime, should he resist to save his relationships and the person he loves or give in to the pull of excitement? Or, will that choice be made for him?

Along the way, he makes powerful enemies, unlikely allies, and his life will never be the same. Get ready for the first installment of a look into the fast paced life of humanity after we're forced to flee to the stars.

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From the other room, shouts and the sizzle of gunfire shook the door. I fumbled back to where Jace had fallen. When I felt his shirt, I balled it in my fist and dragged him to the door. I found his wrist and jerked his arm up to the metal plate. I paused long enough to make sure there was still a pulse and then laid it across the metal release plate. The door sprang open. I dropped him and ran through.

Two men lay dead on the floor. Malia stood over them, relieving them of guns and slipping as many as she could find into the waistband of her pants. Blood ran down her face, and the right sleeve of her flight suit hung in shreds.

“Where the fuck were you?” she growled.

Now this was the Malia I remembered. “Trying not to die. Where’s Dyson?”

Her eyes narrowed as she took the last blaster off one of the dead men and slid the strap over her shoulder. “They took him.” She kicked the nearest body in the head. “You coming?”

I was conflicted. Running by myself, I could probably make it to the ship. A side trip would cut my chances. The longer I was out in the city, the more likely I would end up dead.

“Don’t tell me you are having to think about this.” Her growl was punctuated by the powering up of a blaster, which was pointing at me.

“Nope. Not for a second.” I grabbed the half-full bottle of whiskey from the counter. “But, we need to find out where we’re going.”

I kicked one of the men on the floor. “These guys aren’t wearing Company uniforms, so there’s only one person who can tell us where he’s been taken.” I nodded to the door that hung ajar. It couldn’t close all the way with Jace’s arm in the way.

“He’s alive?”

I nodded. “Last I checked.”

She adjusted the gun strap on her shoulder and stalked toward the door. “I got this.”

Escape from the Red Planet by Ricky Wilks gay scifi

Series: Barin, Book 1
Genres: LBGT, Science Fiction
Tag: Science Fiction
Publisher: Hommi Publishing
Publication Year: 2018
ISBN: 9781976911279
eBook Price: 4.99
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