2018 Resolutions… I don’t believe a word of it–yet.

List of upcoming books

So, I asked everyone to send me a list of the books and a synopsis of everything they were working on. Here’s what it looks like (minus the details of the plots). Holy shit.

2018 Goals Hommi Publishing Authors

  • Dyson

    • Short Stories

      • Abuse of Power 2
      • Carlos and James Series
      • Farmer Dad
    • Novels

      • Assassin
      • Corrections Ranch
      • Faeries
      • Fraternity
      • Moonshine (period piece – 1930s)
      • Island Series
        • 1 –
        • 2 –
        • 3 –
        • 4 –
      • Space Whores
      • Superhero
  • Timon

    • Short Stories

      • Loving Family: Camping with Dad
      • Hot Stepdad 2–Home for Christmas
      • Hot Stepdad 3–In Town on Business
      • Vegas Slave
    • Novels

      • Daddy’s Little Whore
      • Prison Changes a Man
  • Ricky

    • Novels

      • Science Fiction
        • Escape from the Red Planet
        • SciFi Bk 2
      • Mystery
        • Jack Monterey Mystery #1
      • Paranormal
        • Adam Bk 1
        • Adam Bk 2
        • Adam Bk 3
      • Romance
        • Sappy Christmas Romance

I would complain about everyone being so fucking ambitious… but I’m the worst offender.

2018 goals for Hommi Publishing, million smoking hot words, blog like a maniac, make everyone fall in line
2018 goals for Hommi Publishing

So, I’ve laid down the law. I want the first draft of a short story or chapter every fucking week from each of them. If I have to spend all my time editing, I don’t care. Ricky seems to like writing about writing more than he does actually putting fiction on the page (yeah, I said it). And, I told Timon that if I have to drive to his house and rape him once a week for inspiration, I’m not above that. I’m pretty sure his husband will hold him down for me–that guy’s a freak… a sexy freak, so maybe I get a twofer?

I’m going to start releasing chapters and stories early on the site, and then taking them down when the book is published, so keep an eye on this blog.

Also, if you are interested in writing and want to follow along as Ricky writes that damned “sweet romance,” be sure to keep up with him at Writing Repair – Public Book Writing.

I plan on writing 1,000,000 words this year–counting blog posts and fiction. So, you may see a lot of posts where I just write, “kill me now” over and over again.

So, my goals for the year–

  • write 1,000,000 words
  • beat Timon and Ricky into submission
  • keep up with this blog–posting at least once a week
  • go back and re-edit earlier works (my editing software causes more problems than it solves sometimes) and update the front and back matter in all the previous books.


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